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Achieve and maintain seamless operations with consulting and embedded support across the employee lifecycle

Build strong people practices from the very beginning

From corporate values to compliance practices to handbook design, we construct a robust, scalable HR framework to support your organization. Then, count on us for:

  • Compliance & Legal Review  Quickly and accurately align handbooks, offer letters, contracts, documentation, and agreements with our on-demand legal advisor

  • Benefits Design  Stay competitive with the benefits & perks that are the most meaningful to your employees. Count on us for market benchmarks, cutting-edge offerings, and help administrating open enrollment & benefits throughout the year.

  • HR Systems  We can review and implement human capital management, payroll, benefits, and IT systems

  • Employee Relations  Our HR team is available for conversations with your employees when they need us. Whether a simple question, a coaching conversation, or more complex issues, we are ready to help. Our experts support leave administration, investigations when necessary, engagement topics & more.

  • Performance Reviews  Covering cascading performance goals, execution, implementation, and ongoing training

  • Change Management  For M&A activity, geographic expansion, organizational design, corporate communications, and more

  • Corporate & Leadership Planning  Talent value mapping workshops, talent acquisition planning, key leadership changes, and cascading corporate objectives

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Identify, recruit and interview the right people

We know that finding the right people is essential. We're here for everything from crafting the right job descriptions to finding the right candidate to accept a new career opportunity with you.

  • Recruiting Process Workflow  Design and launch an end-to-end talent acquisition strategy

  • Interview Training  Help your managers get on the same page and interview for the right skills

  • Candidate Experience and Onboarding  Including our "sign to start" experience, new hire orientation, welcome experience, and first week setup

  • Applicant Tracking System  Select and implement efficient, affordable, and compliant systems

  • Talent Branding  Refine your authentic brand voice & employment value proposition and translate that to a brand story across all your marketing channels. Proactively connect Glassdoor, LinkedIn, website collateral, events, and job postings to tell a consistent story.

  • Employee Referral Programs  Launch internal referral programs and incentives that deliver quality candidates

Talent Branding

Create and foster your employment brand to attract, engage, and retain talent

First, we help you refine your authentic brand voice for talent, by answering questions like "what is your company culture about?" and "what is your company's work style?" We identify the measures of success. Then, we project your brand across these channels:

  • Glassdoor -- Ratings, reviews, content, scores

  • LinkedIn -- Cost-effective use of content with free status updates, paid campaigns, and full career sites

  • Website -- Career page content

  • Events -- Speaking engagements, networking

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Attract and retain the best employees

With a focus on your stage, size and needs, we will develop compensation programs and strategies to suit you.

  • Total rewards  Design programs for all components of compensation — base pay, incentive or variable compensation, equity programs that will support your organizational objectives and align with your financial situation

  • Org design  Customized templates to create leveled titles, comp bands, incentives, career ladder definitions, retention, and unsurpassed employee engagement

  • Salary structure  Fit for purpose for company size & stage (Seed, Series A, Pre-IPO, Public) and market-based

  • Compensation committee & board materials  Create a cadence for meetings and topics, build materials to ensure adoption of key compensation program elements that require approval at the CC or BOD level, encourage appropriate governance as required, and interface with 3rd party advisors as needed

  • Pay transparency  Statutory practices by geography

  • Pre- and post-IPO roadmap and program design  Support the transition to an IPO, creating peer lists, developing executive and board compensation benchmarks, advising on other required items such as severance and change-in-control agreements


Scale seamlessly with a complete commercialization program

We help you achieve 100% commercial launch readiness by working in partnership with your team, ensuring an optimal candidate experience that's authentic to your company's values with fully compliant practices.

  • Pipeline Planning  Determine timelines and workflow, coordinate multi-geography logistics, measure ROI and document process for corporate teams

  • Talent & Team Logistics  Staff schedules & travel, candidate schedules & travel, vendor negotiation & management, candidate experience, interview workflow & qualification measures

  • Onboarding with Large Workforce  Remote starts, new hire orientation, training logistics, technology onboarding

  • Commercial Operations  "Sign to start" logistics including background checks, credentializing, vehicle program, drug screening, plus first-day onboarding with training team

workforce action

Implement compassionate, compliant, and efficient workforce actions

When plans change, we manage the exit process in the most professional & organized way possible, allowing you to focus on the business while we give your employees the tools to find their next role.

  • Workforce Strategy Consulting  Organizational talent evaluation, key employee & role identification, market data for severance

  • Operations Planning -- Reduction in Workforce  Manager trainings, compliance reporting, day of timeline / checklists / workflows

  • Document Preparation  Notification packets, termination / retention letters, WARN notices, FAQs, internal messaging

  • Day Of Support  Conduct in person / zoom notifications, offboarding support, office hours, document / agreement management

  • Project Management & Tracking  End to end workflow management and tracking, cross functional alignment, agreement status tracking, reporting

  • Post WFA Employee Support  Outplacement support - 1:1 & group coaching, resume & LinkedIn profile review, mock interviews

Workforce action

Unlock value creation with a guided human capital strategy

Accelerate the success of your business by conducting pre-investment team due diligence, executive-level talent assessments, and executive coaching programs.

  • Leadership Team Due Diligence  Ensure you have the right team for the stage and goals of the business

  • Organizational Assessments  Diagnose what's working and where additional support is needed, including organizational health metrics, executive team functionality, key leadership challenges, and Board of Director dynamics

  • Individual 360 Assessments  Provide performance feedback that impacts business objectives

  • Executive Coaching  Maximize performance with 3- and 6-month coaching engagements

human capital strategy
Human Capital
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People operations content

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